Saturday 10 March 1962

  Theup 'Royal Scot' from Carlisle,with departure at 11.49am.The locomotive was D308,with Jack Ireson of Camden driving.Punctual from Carlisle,we passed Preston 9 mins early(84mins 22secs , 1/13pm)despite signals at Scout Green(7mph!) and a TSR at Dillicar (26mph). The highlight was 95mph at Carnforth!We ran punctually with many checks(including a dead stand at Rugeley due to sheep on the line) and passed Rugby on time at 3/21pm(222mins 12secs)

After that is was fireworks! 87mph at Weedon,92mph at Wolverton,91mph Hemel Hempstead,90mph at Watford and Harrow and 92mph at Willesden!.We encountered TSRs at Kilsby North(24mph)and Bletchley (52mph) as well as signals at Kilburn(16mph). This did not prevent an arrival in Euston 31mins early(4/39pm) in 290mins 31sec from Carlisle ,and only 68mins 19secs from Rugby (about 66mins net).Net time from Carlisle was only 260mins.

Returning to Carlisle on the 11/25pm it was again D308.Whilst I did not record the Upperby drivers name on this occasion it was likely to be Kit Collins as this was the twelve weeks since my previous trip with him on this service. Camden and Upperby men generally worked to twelve week rosters in these(and probably other) links. The load was 16,580tons to Crewe and 12,444 tons forward. No diversions, and the train was punctual to Milford & Brocton passed 1 min early(at 2.19am).We were then turned slow line at Stafford No 1,and stopped in the station from 2.32 to 2.39am,where we should have passed through at 2.30am.My notes read '11/10pm Euston to Blackpool/Windermere/Barrow taking water and allowed to precede'.

Presumably the down slow line was unavailable on that Saturday night due to engineering work.So we arrived at Crewe 10mins late(at 3.15am ) and departed 12 mins late at 3.24am .

Various signal checks through Lancashire(Wigan, Preston and Garstang) and the train was 25mins late at Carnforth (at 5.25am).Presumably these checks were from the 11/10pm from Euston making intermediate stops .A clear run after Carnforth to Carlisle saw us arrive at 6.41am,19 late.


Saturday 2 June 1962

Back to Euston again on the up 'Scot'. The loco was D230,' with Driver Jack Ireson of Camden again .Departure was on time(11.49am) and we were 8mins early at Carnforth (60mins.15secs-12/49pm) despite signals at Wreay NorthIBS(36mph) and a TSR at Oxenholme (32mph)94mph at Tebay,91mph at Burton & Holme and 93mph at Carnforth did help!

Preston was passed 8mins early(85mins 14sec-1/14pm) after a further TSR at the Lune Viaduct(23mph).Thereafter, we got a terrible path. Signal stops at Wigan No 2,Norton Crossing, Brinklow, Denbigh Hall, Bletchley No 3 and 2 signals, and Chelmscote Bridge and many checks elsewhere. TSR`s at Whitmore, Rugby, Berkhamstead and Wembley. There were a few highlights between the many stops,however,80mph Coppenhall Jn,82mph Norton Bridge,90mph Hademore Crossing,87mph Castlethorpe,90mph Wolverton!,and 92mph at Harrow. And we still arrived 4 1/2 mins early(5.5 1/2pm),316 mins 30secs from Carlisle .

D230 was to disgrace herself in Jack and my presence on 23 January 1964 ! See later in this article.

Tusual return on the 11/25pm Glasgow train with D308,16 vehicles,599tons to Crewe and 13,469 tons forward. We had Driver Allison of Upperby.

Departure was 9mins late, but I recorded no reason for this. We had an uneventful run as far as Nuneaton , where signals stopped us at 1.35am , 10 mins early. We were away after just two minutes, but only as far as Colwich, where we stopped to pick up a conductor( 2.18/2.19am ) to Crewe . We were from 3.29/ 3.39am (17, 20mins late). I had noticed at Euston that the first coach in which I travelled had a stiff door handle when it closed and did not 'voluntarily' return to the horizontal position. I thought nothing of this until we stopped at Springs Branch (4.19, 4.28) because that same door had been seem to be open. The Carlisle guard, whom I think was Bill Carruthers came down the train enquiring if anyone was missing from the compartment. Nobody was, and a further brief examination at Wigan station( 4.33, 4.37am ) we departed 31mins late for Carlisle ,where after a virtually clear run, the arrival was at 6.31am , only 9 mins late.

Saturday 1 September 1962

The previous evening I left Carlisle on the 11/20pm service(1M48),booked non-stop to Euston behind 46234 'Duchess of Abercorn' with Driver Bill Thorpe of Camden , and arrived 5 mins late at 6.22am .

The down 'Royal Scot'(1S57) now departed at 9.30am , still non stop to Carlisle where arrival was due at 3/31pm.On this day we had D211 hauling 12 vehicles,395tons and Driver Harry Shirdley of Upperby at the controls. We departed 2 mins late, and arrived 14 mins early after two signal stops approaching Rugby and 5 mins at Crewe , detraining two passengers who were on the wrong train!

Saturday 17 November 1962

The up 'Royal Scot' (1M22) was now booked to be diesel hauled daily,and retimed to haul up to 420 tons. On this day, we had D324 with Driver Jack Ireson of Camden , our load was 10 vehicles for 342 ½ tons.Booked departure was 11.51 am , but we left 15 minutes late at 12/06pm. We passed Preston under 4 mins late (1/31pm) despite signals at Shap Summit (36mph) and a 27 mph TSR at Lancaster . Signals and TSRs through to Lichfield (184 mins 45 secs, 3/11pm) when we were just over 5 mins late (3/11pm). The train was then stopped at Tamworth (Where we were then turned to slow line) and Atherstone, regaining the fast line at Ashby Jn. TSRs at Attleboro ' and Newbold , and we passed Rugby 17 ½ mins late (230 mins 50 secs, 3/57pm) . Matters did not improve!

Despite 88mph at Weedon and 90 mph at Wolverton ! , then a 32 mph TSR at Denbigh Hall, followed by a dead stand at Tring (4/42 , 4/43pm) because our tail lamp was unlit . At least the station staff there had a replacement ready for us (probably wouldn't happen today, as it's a different company, and the uniforms don't match!)

Further signals at Willesden and Euston Box, and we arrived 6 mins late (5/16pm) in 310 mins 2 secs from Carlisle .

My usual return service to Carlisle was now at 11/20pm(1S26) and booked non-stop to Carlisle . Our locomotive was D317 with Driver Dicky Gray of Upperby in charge. The load was 14 vehicles, 504 tons,Departure was 1 min late, we ran ( without any diversions) non-stop to Tebay No 2 ( 5.32/ 5.36am ) where we stopped for a banker. We were ahead of time all the way Weaver Jn (2 mins early at 3.16am) but checks through Warrington, Preston and Lancaster, and we were 15 minutes late at Oxenholme ( at 5.4am), which had doubled by Shap Summit(at 5.49am). Carlisle was 23 mins late at 6.20am .

  Saturday 15 December 1962

Bill Thorpe was in charge of the up 'Royal Scot'(1M22) with D223 hauling 10 coaches, 341 tons. In my experience, Bill was never a speed merchant, and seemed to have an aversion to travelling faster than 75mph with steam or diesel.

Departure from Carlisle was 1 minute late (11.52am) and even though we had 4 mins 20 secs standing at Thrimby Grange signals, our 11 ½ mins late at Shap Summit(12.46pm) had expanded to 15 ½ mins late at Carnforth( 1/15pm) without any further checks, thanks to speeds no better than 74 mph at Tebay, doubtless with power now shut off as we drifted down to a miserable 49mph at Grayrigg! And 66 mph at Carnforth (1/15pm 15 ½ late).A signal stop in Preston station (1/45, 1/48pm) and we departed 20 ½ mins after we should have passed through. A grim, boring non-stop journey then ensued to Euston where, with only a handful of slight checks and a barrelful of recovery time, saw us arrive 1 min early at 5/9pm(316 mins 56secs). Any further checks and my view was, that Bill would not have been bothered if they had caused a very late arrival.

Back to Carlisle on the 11/20pm Glasgow again, and Upperby`s Kit Collins was in charge of D333 with 14 vehicles,496 tons. A totally uneventful journey! We ran non-stop as far as Scout Green!(5.1 to 5.4am) and arrived at Carlisle 8 mins early at 5.49am.