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Below is a table for the Stratford based Class 40 diagrams,September 1958.

There were 5 daily diagrams,one for each of the then new built EE Type 4 built loco`s.

The diagrams were so arranged that each engine proceeded from one diagram to the next in sequence.For example,loco no 1 working diagram no1,works the complete diagram,then starts diagram no 2 the following sunday,and loco no 5 working diagram 5,takes up the diagram no 1,also on the following sunday.So each loco drops down a diagram,(this worked fine,until one of the loco`s failed)

The table below is for diagram no 1,loco no1.

The other four diagrams,have a few minor differences in the saturday workings.

Diagram 2 saturday,starts at 1.30pm,the loco on no 3 diagram,when arrives at Liverpool Street at 8.59pm,then works the 1024pm to Cambridge,this loco returns on the 1.20am(sunday)

No 4 diagram starts at 9.30am,and no 5 diagram,departs Liverpool Street for Ipswich at 6.50pm,for a 8.11pm arrival time.

Each diagram,has a daily examination at Liverpool Street,Stratford Diesel depot,or Norwich.

Refuelling the loco`s,was usually done at Norwich,again,this was built into the loco`s roster.

Stratford and Nowich men were used .

In some of the Sunday diagrams(sadly not the one i have),fill in turns were used when the loco reached its destination,like freights to Kings Lynn,Parkeston Quay,and Clacton,and parcels to Bishops Stotrford,and returning with a up passenger suburban service!

These loco`s were hauling 11 coach trains,compared to the Britannia`s which they replaced,which was diagramed for a 9 coach train.

Weekley milage was between 3600-3900,compaired to the Britannia`s 2600 miles.


Sunday (Diagram 5) Liverpool Street ---- ---- 2.30am
  Norwich 115 5.18am 9.00am
  Liverpool Street 124 12.43pm 2.24pm
  Norwich 124 5.51pm 7.30pm
Sun/Mon/Tues(Diagram 1) Liverpool Street 115 11.58pm 2.55am
  Norwich 115 5.26am 7.45am
  Liverpool Street 115 10.02am 12.30pm
  Norwich 115 2.47pm 3.45pm
  Liverpool Street 115 6.20pm 8.30pm
  Ipswich 69 10.14pm 11.53pm
  Temple Mills 67 2.28am ----
Tue/Wed(Diagram 2) Liverpool Street ---- ---- 4.20am
  Norwich 124 8.33am 9.45am
  Liverpool Street 115 12.35pm 1.30pm
  Norwich 115 4.05pm 5.45pm
  Liverpool Street 115 7.45pm 9.21pm
  Ipswich 69 11.23pm 12.06am
  Temple Mills 67 3.38am ----
Wed/Thurs(Diagram 3) Liverpool Street ---- ---- 5.54am
  Norwich 124 10.13am 11.45am
  Liverpool Street 115 1.45pm 3.30pm
  Norwich 115 5.30pm 6.45pm
  Liverpool Street 115 8.59pm 10.40pm
  Ipswich 69 12.13am 2.02am
Thursday(Diagram 4) Liverpool Street 69 3.46am 4.55am
  Bishops Stortford 30 6.34am 6.57am
  Liverpool Street 30 8.00am 9.30am
  Norwich 115 11.30am 1.45pm
  Liverpool Street 115 4.24am 6.30pm
  Norwich 115 8.30am 10.45pm
Friday(Diagram 5) Liverpool Street 126 2.24am 4.35am
  Ipswich 69 6.25am 7.23am
  Liverpool Street 69 9.03am 10.30am
  Norwich 115 1.11pm 2.45pm
  Liverpool Street 115 4.45pm 6.45pm
  Norwich 69 8.54pm 9.54pm
Sat/Sun(Diagram 1) Liverpool Street 69 12.01am 2.55am
  Norwich 115 5.26am 7.45am
  Liverpool Street 115 9.59am 12.30pm
  Norwich 115 2.39pm 3.45pm
  Liverpool Street 115 6.21pm 8.50pm
  Cambridge 56 10.45pm
  Temple Mills 53 12.39pm ----
  TOTAL 3892    


Below is the Diagrams,for the Class 40 `s which were based at Hornsey depot

Diesel locomotive utilisation on the Great Northern Line

(Trains illustrated, October 1958)

With the inception of the winter timetables on September 1958,five English Electric 2.000 h.p diesel electric units based on Hornsey depot were put into effect. In every case, the rosters budget for over 4500 miles in the week, and since there are only five units on G.N Line at present, this is an acid test of reliability.

The rosters are most ingenious in that they have been planned so that fourteen important trains are diesel hauled every weekday, even though there are only five locomotives available; this applies to two of the trains on Saturdays as well as Monday to Fridays. Here is No 1 of these diagrams, showing only the revenue - earning trips and excluding light running between stations and depots:

Day Terminal Miles Arrive Depart
Monday Kings Cross - - 1.00 am
'" Newcastle 268.3 6.31 am 1047 am
'" Kings Cross 268.3 3.25 pm 5.35 pm
Monday/ Tuesday Newcastle 268.3 11.00 pm 1.35 am
Tuesday Kings Cross 268.3 7.20 am -
  Weekly maintenance at Hornsey*    
'" Kings Cross - - 7.20 pm
'" Sheffield (Vic) 161.5 10.05 pm -
Wednesday (B Rd) - - 12.35 am*
'" Annesley 28.9 2.38 am* 4.44 am +
'" Sheffield (Vic) 29 5.50 am + -
'" (B Rd) - - 7.20 am
'" Kings Cross 161.5 10.05 am 11.20 am
'" Sheffield (Vic) 161.5 2.15 pm 3.20 pm
Thursday Kings Cross 161.5 6.15 pm 11.20 pm
'" Newcastle 268.3 4.25 am 9.25 am
'" Kings Cross 268.3 2.03 pm 4.50 pm
Friday Newcastle 268.3 9.32 pm 11.20 pm
'" Kings Cross 268.3 5.40 am 10.00 am
Friday/Saturday Newcastle 268.3 2.45 pm 5.00 pm
Saturday Kings Cross 268.3 10.10 pm 1.00 am
'" Newcastle 268.3 6.31 pm 8.00 am !
Saturday/Sunday Kings Cross 268.3 1.06 pm ! 5.35 pm
Sunday Newcastle 268.3 11.00 pm 1.35 am
'" Kings Cross 268.3 7.20 am 4.21 pm
Sunday/Monday Cambridge 58 6.30 pm 8.50 pm
  Kings Cross 58 11.03 pm 1.00 am
  TOTAL MILAGE 4 ,516.1    

* Class 'H' freight, + Class 'E' freight , ! The Mondays-Fridays return working from Newcastle on other diagrams is the 9.55am,arriving in Kings Cross at 3.10 pm.

A recurrent sequence in other diagrams is the section beginning with the 7.20am Sheffield - Kings Cross and continuing to the 5.0pm Newcastle - Kings Cross two days later. The trains which are diesel hauled daily, are all four new daily Sheffield Pullman trains between Kings Cross and Sheffield, and between London and Newcastle the 1.0am,4.50 ('Tees-Tyne Pullman'),5.35,11.20pm,(all SX) and 10.0am('Flying Scotsman') from Kings Cross, and the 1.35,9.25('Tees-Tyne Pullman'),9.55 AM,11.20PM,(all SX) and 5.0pm from Newcastle. Sheffield crews man units on all Sheffield Pullman workings, and on the Saturday turns of the unit on Diagram 5,of which more anon; the other main line turns are shared bt Kings Cross and Gateshead men.

The utilisation of the unit working the 7.20pm Kings Cross - Sheffield Pullman for a freight trip to Annesley and back before duty on the next mornings next up Pullman service at 7.20am occurs every night except Saturdays. The unit finishing up the week's Pullman service at Sheffield on the Friday night (diagram 5) spends a decidedly unusual weekend. Its Saturday duties comprise the 4.20am Sheffield - Doncaster, 6.0am Doncaster - Hull, 9.24am Hull - Sheffield, 12.2pm Sheffield - Leicester and 2.43pm back and the 6.01pm Sheffield - York, Victoria being the Sheffield station in each case, after which it runs light to Doncaster. On the Sunday it heads the 12.54am Doncaster- Kings Cross, the 1.20pm Kings Cross - Grantham, and 5.28pm back, then the 11.55pm Kings Cross - Doncaster finishing the day by running light to Sheffield so as to be ready for first up Pullman working on the Monday.

On arrival at Kings Cross with the up morning Pullman from Sheffield, the diesel runs round its train in the London terminus ready for the 11.20am departure. There are no other very unexpected weekend duties for the diesels except that the unit on diagram 2 is detached from the Friday night's 11.20pm Newcastle - Kings Cross and replaced at Finsbury Park. This is to avoid it being penned in the terminus and allow it to proceed direct to the motive power depot for refuelling in time to depart with the Saturday 8.20am Kings Cross- Doncaster. On Sundays this diagram begins with a light stint on the 6.21am Kings Cross - Baldock and the 9.37am back, after which the unit makes for Newcastle on the 2.51pm from London. Thus the G.N. Line is to put to their first real British test all the advertised benefits of intensive use over long distances of a stud of standard units. Full implementation of the diagram was postponed until September 29th 1958 pending delivery of the fifth unit.