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Most of the links have been taken off now as they were from the now defunked fotopic hosting site, so Thanks to all who had picture sites.

1980`s time warp.

http://railphoto archive/

Ian Jordan (So much info off Ian, thanks a million)

Steve Jones

Wirral Mafia

Andrew Salmon

John Stephens

Nick Ross

The Barn

Bernard Byrne

Mark Jones

Steve Philpott(D378)

Chris Hillyard

Jim Moon(Thanks Jim)

Ray Cavanagh

Richard Clayton

Gordon J Lacy

Steve Woodhouse

Simon Chilton

Peter Lewthwaite , Superb info from Peter, nice one!

Jim Burton, Many thanks JIM :-)

Macolm Dyer

Steve Morris

Nick (Crossfell5)

Tim Proudman


david whittaker

Ian Musgrave

Alan Davis

Arnie Furniss


Charlie Osta

John Jjm2009

Jeff Platts

John Wood

Russell Sedgwick

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